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About Super*SQL

Super*SQL is a 100% pure Java tool which accesses any database that has a JDBC driver, including:

... from any platform that supports a Java Virtual Machine, including:

Download the SuperSQL.jar file now and run through the tutorial to discover the capabilities of Super*SQL. Read the top ten reasons why you should try Super*SQL.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for improvements to Super*SQL or this web site, send an e-mail to [email protected]

Using Super*SQL, you can:

Super*SQL can accomplish all of these tasks and many more. The application can be run interactively or in true "batch" mode, and it includes a license-free database that will allow you to build interactive reports faster than you ever thought possible. Best of all, Super*SQL is affordable! Only $US 9.95 for a Personal Edition license, $US 100.00 annually for a Corporate Edition license. You can recoup your investment within hours of trying the product!! Click here to read the manual.