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October 5, 2006 - Super*SQL Version 1.10 in Beta Test

The new version of Super*SQL is now in Beta testing. Boasting a much cleaner user interface with a connection definition tab and improved handling of schemas and connections, this will be an ungrade that you don't want to miss. Version 1.10 provides better cross database query capabilities through an enhanced clipboard which will, for example, allow you to query an Oracle database using selections taken from a SQL Server database. The current plan is to do a commercial release November 1, 2006.

Super*SQL allows you to browse SQL databases, extract data, and write attractive web-based reports against almost any database quickly and easily. Several new features have been incorporated based upon user feedback. The SuperSQL.jar file can now be down-loaded directly and used for free for a limited time. If you wish to register the product, the price for Super*SQL Personal Edition is $US9.95 and product updates are free. Check the About Super*SQL Section of this website for more information on the product.

About SQL*Magic

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Home of the Super*SQL database query, report generation, and data subsetting tool. Super*SQL is a 100% pure Java tool which accesses any database that has a JDBC driver, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, tinySQL, and Hypersonic SQL.

Click on this link to find out more information on Super*SQL or to place an order.

Case Studies

Our consultants have been involved in numerous challenging projects involving a variety of database systems and applications. Follow this link to get more information on some of these projects.

The SQL Standard

Standards for the Structured Query Language used by most modern database systems have been in development for more than 25 years. Follow this link to get more information on the history of SQL. You may be surprised to find out how many crucial syntactic issues are NOT covered by the standard.

Free Resources

Here at SQL*Magic we are strong believers in the open source movement. We are involved with several projects in which we are contributing free documentation, support or software. Follow this link to find a few "freebies" that you may find useful in your adventures in the land of SQL.

Technology Choices

One of the challenges with implementing web-based applications is the confusing array of technologies available.

Follow this link to get more information on the strengths and weaknesses of each technology, and find out how particular databases and web technolgies can be combined to produce outstanding results.


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